Welcome to MOVIES – A Closer Look; this blog is about appreciating, understanding, analyzing, and enjoying movies. Here I will primarily comment on short films and from time to time I will also comment on documentaries, video-art and interesting scenes from feature films and perhaps even advertising films.
I have taken a conscious decision not to write reviews of feature films as whole, instead I would prefer to pick out interesting scenes and write about them. The reason being is that there are many bloggers already doing feature film reviews for several years.
This blog is not just restricted to reviewing films but has a wider scope which would include personalities, behind the scene activities, anecdotes and share interesting information connected to films.
Lastly, I do not want to see this blog restricted only to what I would like to write about, anyone who wishes to contribute is welcome to do so. I would be delighted if young filmmakers, including student filmmakers share their experiences in this blog. 

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