Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Gutthi (The Riddle)

Duration: 28 minutes approximately
Language: Hindi
Director: Abhishek Chatterji
Channel: Pocket Films

This short film is of the crime and suspense genre. The suspense in this film builds up very gradually; actually you hardly notice it in the initial stages of the narrative. It is a story of essentially two men, one is a writer (played by Rathna Shaker Reddy) by profession and the other is Khalil (played by Naren Yadav), a sweeper. Khalil looks after the cleanliness of the building, he sweeps and collects garbage, and he also does odd jobs for the residents including arranging for ganja (marijuana) for those who wanted it. There is one more character, a young woman, with whom the writer meets with at a library and gets into a relationship with her. Soon this young lady (played by Choeeta Chakrabarti) mysteriously disappears without a trace. Who was she? Where did she come from? And where did she go? These questions remained unanswered for the writer.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Language: Tamil with English subtitles
Duration: 6 minutes
Channel: Idea Short Films

This film has two main characters – Vinod and Ashok. Vinod is established as a hard working individual and Ashok is a useless fellow who whiles away his time. One day Ashok borrows two thousand rupees from Vinod saying he urgently needs the money, he promises to return the amount the very next day. Ashok blows up the money with his good for nothing friends. Ashok never really intended to return the money. Vinod keeps following up with him but it turns out to be an exercise in futility, finally he hits upon a