Friday, 13 November 2015

Gamble - Short Film in Tamil

Language: Tamil with English subtitles
Duration: 7 minutes approximately

This short film is one of my favourites, it has a twist and a turn. The story is about a businessman named Soundarapandi who started small and later made it big in the real estate business. While he does not mind spending a large amount of money to get a fancy number plate for his new BMW car, he flatly refuses his cook when she asks him for a loan of Rs. 25000 which she badly needs for her daughter’s marriage. Soundarapandi receives an anonymous phone call informing him that there would be a raid at his house by the Income Tax (IT) Department. He calls up the IT commissioner and pleads with him,
but does not succeed in preventing the raid. The raid takes place at his house. The twist to the story begins when one member of the raiding team requests for a glass of water and this is where I would like to stop because I can reveal no more, so please see the film yourself.

This film is a must watch for all short film lovers. This is a well directed film; every shot has been well executed leading to a buildup. The actor who plays Soundarapandi acted superbly, I suppose his name is Jaya Prakash because that is the name mentioned at the end. It is not just the lead actor who performed well, the others acted well too. The background music is unobtrusive but very effective in heightening the changing moods of the film. I like the cinematography too, every camera angle was meaningful. What I found interesting was the use of light and shadows especially during the raid. To put in a nutshell, everything in this film was well orchestrated. So if you have not watched this film, watch it now.  

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