Monday, 30 November 2015

Dealing with fear - CORRIDOR

Channel: Pocket Films
Duration: 7 minutes 45 seconds

This film is not really a short story but it narrates an incident. A young man is show driving into a basement parking of a large building, it is not established whether it is a residential building or is it an office building or perhaps it could be a hotel, but that does not matter because the makers have only single-mindedly focused on fear. What fear can do to people is very well demonstrated. Now coming back to our young man, he takes the
lift to the floor he wants to and walks to the door which he wishes to open with his key. Things do not go smoothly for this poor guy, he feels that he being followed. From the corner of his eye he also keeps seeing a shadowy figure moving swiftly and vanishing; this scares the hell out of him. What is this shadow? He has no idea, he is so scared that he fumbles with his keys while trying to open the door, he drops them and flees. To know what happens thereafter you have to see the film, it has been embedded below.

The main actor is very convincing in the role. The mood of the film is beautifully built for maximum impact. The empty corridors are very well exploited giving one an eerie feeling. The makers have used stock music and sound effects, I think the selection was done intelligently and used correctly to get the desired effect; the sound effects are a very important component of film of this genre. I will rate this film –EXCELLENT.

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