Friday, 15 August 2014

Missed Class

The reason I am reviewing this film is not because I appreciate it but because it has won three awards; in fact I did not like it at all when I watched it. The fact that it won awards made me curious and I decided to watch it and also review it.
This is a film made in India and is a story of a father and son. The father is shown to be an idealistic man; this fact is revealed by a book on Mahatma Gandhi which he reads. One day he is shocked to learn that his son has not been attending school. The boy actually pretends to go to school every morning but what he actually does is revealed at the end. The story idea is a bit far-fetched; no boy would sacrifice his own education to do what he is shown to be doing in the film; I cannot elaborate any further because that would be revealing the crucial part of the film. So I would suggest that you see the film and decide for yourself.
One aspect of the film which the makers of the film should have paid attention to is the look. The colours are much too intense or saturated which is really not required because it contributes to nothing. If the colours were a bit toned down it would have been more pleasing to the eyes. The script and editing could have been tighter and the story is pretentious. I noticed a comment by a viewer on YouTube; it said that the poor homeless boy (not the main character) was shown wearing brand new clothes. See the film and decide for yourself if the film deserves the awards it has won. 

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