Thursday, 3 April 2014

Shadow – Short Film

This is a student film made in India of the suspense genre. When I first saw it film the film felt typically like an ‘Alfred Hitchcock presents’ kind of a film. It is a story of a simpleminded, unsuspecting young man who receives an anonymous phone call from a man who offers him a large sum of money to do a simple task of following a man with a briefcase. Our young man does not think deeply about the possible dangers his action might lead to, he falls for temptation and agrees to do what the anonymous voice tells him
to do. What happens next? See the film to know:

The plot is very interesting and I quite like the use of the music in the background; the right kind of music was used at the right places to build the mood of the plot. Music was not used unnecessarily anywhere in fact I quite like the director’s idea of not using any background music at all at certain places.
The film pretty well scripted and edited, there is a smooth flow from one shot to the other with no jerks. The scene where the young man is shown preparing a snack for himself while talking to the anonymous caller, is very well done. The actor who plays the role of the young man is convincing as an actor, he has performed really well as a young man with no worries and who has a streak of adventure in him. The anonymous voice on the phone sounded firm, serious and matter-of-fact; very good acting indeed.

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