Thursday, 30 January 2014


This film is a real entertainer and I am sure that most of you must have seen it. It shows how helpless a person can be in certain situations, in this case the main character of the film gets stuck in an elevator with rather undesirable people, this happens twice. The first time he is almost crushed in the elevator full of overweight people, he realizes that the total weight of passengers has exceeded the safe limit and he extricates himself from the rather risky situation with a great deal of effort and takes another elevator. He is now
pleased with himself and appears quite relieved after having averted an imminent danger, but is he really safe now? To know the answer you will need to watch the movie.
Though it is a very simple film, it has been directed beautifully. The viewers’ attention is held to the very end of the film. What I really love is the expression on the faces of each of the characters; the blank look on the face of the man standing in front of the lift is interesting and apt, it is very typical of a person travelling in an elevator with eyes on the indicator. Watch the film here:

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