Thursday, 26 December 2013


This short film is among the shortest I have ever seen but the impact will remain with me for a very long time that is because the film touches one’s heart. The story is about a helpless blind old man who sits at a public place and waits for people to throw coins at him. An incident on a particular day brings about a major change – to his pleasant surprise the coins he receives from passers-by suddenly increase several times as though by magic.  

The Power of Words demonstrates how clever and creative use of a few words, without really changing the meaning of what is to be communicated, can have a huge impact on people’s behaviour. It just not about the physically challenged or people who provide help and assistance to such people, even others can learn a useful lesson from this film. This film is a ‘must see’ for all advertising professionals especially copy-writers. What you wish to communicate to your audience may be important to but how creatively you communicate is also equally important because that is what makes the communication effective. I particularly
like the two sequences where the old man feels the shoes of the lady who causes the change, I find these very touching. I also like the low angle shots which make this film so impactful.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

SALT 'N' PEPPER – Short Film

Welcome to my very first post in my blog MOVIES – A Closer Look.
Though I have been watching short films for many years my interest grew thanks to the advent of the internet, particularly YouTube which give us access to a huge number of short films. I have been planning to have my own blog on short films for quite some time now in addition to Advertising Opinions – a blog on advertising which I already have. I finally resolved to make a beginning before the end of this calendar year; so here I am writing my very first post on Christmas Day of 2013. This year is significant for Indian cinema since it celebrates its centenary.
Although this and most my posts are likely to be on short films, I have decided to keep the scope of this blog wide. In addition to short films I plan to comment and share documentaries, video-art and particularly interesting scenes from feature films from time to time.
 This post is on Salt ‘N’ Pepper, an Indian short film made in Hindi. 

 There is more to life than just love is the theme of this engrossing short film. A young lady belonging to a well off family is jilted by her lover and she is so devastated that she tries to commit suicide but halts just in time when she realizes that there is an intruder in the house. Her encounter with the intruder is interesting; does she finally kill herself, to find out watch the film below.
The film addresses the problem of suicides committed by people who are jilted by their lovers; such people think that the world is not worth living if they are not able to bond with their lovers. In life there are far greater problems, difficulties and tragedies faced by numerous people, compared to these problems getting jilted in love is absolutely insignificant and really a non-issue. Committing suicide for love is no doubt tragic but, at the same time, is a stupid thing to do for especially for someone who has all the life’s necessities and luxuries which many cannot afford. Committing suicide is no solution to the problem.

Some observations: 
  • Lighting plays an important part in creating the mood for the film and has been done well so are the different shots in the film.
  • Nowaz (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) plays the role of a farmer who is doomed and leads a hopeless existence, he does not even have food to eat; however the vest he is shown wearing is absolutely brand new.
  • The story is set in a rainy night and you hear the sound of rainfall outside however in the sequence where the lady is shown taking delivery of the pizza, she is shown opening the main door but the sound level of the rain outside does not change. This is a small flaw in the sound design which came to my notice.
  • In the sequence where Nowaz (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) tells his story, the camera keeps ‘orbiting’ him, this a technique used in several films and even TV serials; I find this very irritating and distracting. Such shots serve no purpose and must be avoided or at least not overdone; anyway this is my opinion, others might differ.
  • The overall feel of the film is like that of a play, maybe because it is set in one location and also because of the kind of dialogues that were written; but there is nothing wrong with it really, it is just my observation.
 Tejaswini Kolhapure and Nowaz (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) have given good performances; the film has been directed well, while watching the film you do get the feeling of ‘what will happen next?’ I liked the film and would recommend it. So watch it.